Saturday, March 10, 2012

Eeeekkkkkk!!!! Diaper Rash!!!

Let me preface this by saying not to google "diaper rash" because inappropriate pictures pop up! Holy moly!

A has wicked sensitive skin and well we've been battling a diaper rash that won't I away! It will go but in a few days will return again.

Any advice?! Help?!

We normally use aquaphor but that's not cutting it. We've done baking soda baths and using Lotrium!!!!

Ahhhh!!! Help!!!


  1. The only thing that's ever helped Chloe is aquaphor mixed with Maalox. I know it sounds crazy, but I'm dead serious, it works!! I usually just either cotton ball it on there or pour a little bit on there, and then put the aquaphor over it. Or you can mix it up in a little cup. It's messy, but I tell you, it works!

  2. Desitin Creamy (blue tube) always worked better for our girls than anything else... Good luck!

  3. It is a "yeast" type of rash! :( I am giving her those baths and I was just told to use corn starch! I bought some and used a cotton ball to put it on! I feel so bad!! I also made her eat yogurt this am when we used to just offer it and she would say "yes" or "no"!


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