Sunday, February 3, 2013's been a long time...

It has been a long long time since I have posted here on my blog with anything.  So lets do an update on what is going on with Me & A!

  • I am done (as of next weekend) with my first Masters Degree, but starting up with my second Masters program ASAP.  I have decided to continue my education and get my second Masters in Special Education, moderate to severe disabilities.
  • I love my job.  I have been here for a while now, and I love it.  I am working a lot, but as soon as I get my team members trained and a schedule down I will be able to work from home (and see my child all the time...WOOHOO).
  • I am hanging out with more friends and doing much more "social" things...and loving LOVING how that is going.  
  • I am in two weddings this year!  Heather has her wedding in September and Meaghan has her wedding in May!  :)  I am so excited that these ladies want me to share in their special day!!!!!!  
  • I hit my goal weight of 135, so obviously I have a new one of 130...and would like to be 125 eventually!
  • Is amazing.  She is a little diva!  Loves to sing and dance..and put on shows if you let her!  Her favorite songs are anything by Taylor Swift....and she is still in love with "Call Me Maybe"...
  • She loves having fun with her friends and is always asking to see them on the weekends!
  • Her hair is super duper long again and needs to be cut...and she lets me know every single day what and how she wants her hair to look for instance she said she wanted to wear a bow, and yesterday she wanted "two pigtails because they are super cute mom".
  • She needs to wear a "princess dress" every single day.  I have to beg her to wear a shirt of any kind, and when I do it is normally worn only because I promised her that she would wear a tutu.  Which, I have had to make in every single color to match said shirts.
  • Still have to paint her finger and toe nails if I want to cut I am cutting them and painting them every Saturday.
  • She loves skiing! :)
  • A is not potty trained yet.  We have been working on it, and she tells us when she needs to go: "Momma I gotta go peeeeeeee", but she is still in the process.
So that is a quick update!  Things have been busy but good!  We are a bunch of silly girls always having dance parties daily pretending to be princesses!  Two is fun, but also a challenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

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  1. Nice to see an update!! Glad things are well a s hopei get to meet your princess soon!


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